6.1 Biologists visit Kew Gardens

By Mary Shotter, Biology technician

On 18 March, 6.1 Biology students visited Kew Gardens to look at how plant species are classified, why it is important and how a plant’s DNA profile can inform science based solutions in medicine, conservation and food security.

We also looked at how plants have evolved and are adapted to various habitats, including the Aloe plant, which has leaves full of gel, enabling it to store water and survive in arid environments.

In the Princess of Wales Conservatory, which has various biomes, we saw a vast array of plants from the tropics, including a colourful display of 6,200 orchids, which were part of the 2019 Orchid Festival; insect-eating pitcher plants; ferns; and a few creatures such as a sloth, giant birds and a life-sized jaguar, constructed from plant material.