GSCE Science Live – Oxford visit


By Alex Lunn, Block 4

Science Live, held just before half term, was certainly an interesting trip. The coach journey was surprisingly easy and, even though Oxford was rife with manic bicycles, no pedestrians were harmed and we got to the theatre safely.

The first talk, by Professor Steve Jones, was fascinating. It involved both bodybuilding and Siamese cats linked by the amazing world of genetics. Next, Professor Jim Al-Khalili confused us all over the possibility of time travel, explaining the different physical challenges and logical paradoxes of going forwards and backwards in time – mind blowing!

Professor Robert Winston amazed us with the peculiar habits of sea urchins and some of the ways he has furthered fertility research over the past 20 years. He also raised the ethical issues associated with ‘designer’ babies and the possibility of transhumanism.

Lunch was a stressful ordeal – it was debatable if some people would make it back in time for the afternoon lectures, especially with large ‘mighty meaty’ pizzas which had to be eaten in 25 minutes!

During the afternoon, we listened to lectures from Dr Kate Lancaster aka ‘mission for fusion’ discussing the state of nuclear fusion research across the globe and finally Dr Ben Goldacre the author of Bad Science took to the stage. We were all fully attentive for his startling screams and frightening facts and will be more discriminating about the scientific-sounding ‘facts’ we believe in, in the future.

The trip to Science Live was a memorable experience; one that I am sure everyone enjoyed. Many thanks to the science teachers – who appeared to be in pain with laughter at the geeky jokes throughout!